Aircraft Preconditioned Air system (PCA System)

Analysis & system design of preconditioned air



Analysis and Design: Avicorp Middle East provides State-of-the-Art Aircraft Pre-Conditioned Air Systems.  With staff members possessing over 45 years’ experience in the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance / service support of PCAir systems, Avicorp Middle East is the world’s Leader in aircraft.  Cooperating with major aircraft manufacturers, Consultants, Airlines and user groups, Avicorp can assure you of a design meeting customer expectation for aircraft environmental control.  Avicorp focuses on system performance, efficiency and reliability. Its engineering staff addresses total system design, including central chiller plants and distribution networks.  Avicorp’s problem solving approach led to the development of the hybrid CW + DX design, and the introduction of the Avicorp Middle East DXBoost® product line. With the popularity of MARS gates, Avicorp met the challenges of serving two aircraft from the same unit, providing different airflow, pressure and temperature characteristics.

Individual DXUnits:  Stand, bridge (PLB), cart or truck mounted, the Direct Expansion (DX) air-conditioner has been the accepted design basis since the beginning of commercial aviation. Avicorp offers a vast array of models to meet every requirement. Avicorp Middle East’s supply of diesel powered mobile units include the AWAC support system, allowing for diesel or base power operation, inside or outside the hangar.  Also offered are Individual electrically powered DX units mounted under the Passenger Loading Bridge (PLB), on stands or on trailers. 

The DXBoost®: The DXBoost® offers a unique solution for PCAir systems…Avicorp Middle East leads the industry with this unique PCA unit design.  The unit only requires a connection to the buildings standard Chilled Water system and electrical power.  It then cools the ±50°C intake air to either minus (-) 4.5°C for compliance with traditional IATA AHM 974 requirements, or as low as minus (-) 25°C for compliance with IATA AHM 995 and Airbus’s latest publications.  With no heat rejection at the unit and quiet, vibration free operation, it is perfect for installation in equipment rooms at each parking stand.  In response to the popularity of MARS stands (Multiple Aircraft Ramp System), Avicorp Middle East introduced the Dual Outlet, Independently Controlled DXBoost®.  This allows for serving one Code E aircraft (i.e. B-777).  Alternately, two Code C aircraft (i.e. B-737 & A320) can be served, each with individualized airflow, pressure and temperature characteristics.  The design and teachings have received award of US Patent 9,511,870 dated 06 Dec 2016. EU and Foreign Patents pending. 

Single and Dual Loop Centralized PCAir Systems:  The classic centralized PCAir system remains viable with Avicorp’s unique system enhancements.  The classic single loop system featured distributed EGW at -7°C / -2°C supplied to specialized AHU’s.  This allowed for the -4.5°C discharge air required to maintain +2°C at the aircraft.  Avicorp Middle East enhancements feature a High ΔT (delta T) loop.  Central plant cooling utilizes direct CW to EGW heat exchangers for initial cooling, then traditional EGW chillers for secondary cooling of the loop.  Initial equipment costs are reduced by ±50%, system efficiency is improved with lower EGW flows and 50% of the cooling provided by the facility’s low KW/Ton chilled water system.  The AHU is unique with the blower located between the coils, which greatly enhances performance.  Dual Loop / dual coil systems are also provided.  This allows ±70% of the cooling to be provided by building chilled water and ±30% by a dedicated EGW loop.  The AHU features a unique design with the blower located after the first stage coil.  The second and third stage coils allow for supply of sub-freezing air.  The design improves efficiency ±35% and performance by ±15% because of a reduction in the need for defrosting.

PCA Distribution systems and aircraft service pits:  Avicorp’s design team provides civil works design and equipment supply for aircraft service pits and distribution networks.  Avicorp Middle East provides a fully integrated approach including design, manufacturing, supply and full turnkey responsibility.